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Our Starters course consists of two levels and caters to pre-school students who are aged 4-6 years old. Through the use of set routines and carefully structured lessons, the course develops students' phonemic awareness enabling them to hear, identify and use essential patterns in the formation of English sounds, words, and sentences. This adaptable course is designed to meet the needs of students with varying strengths and weaknesses with teachers who are trained to understand the importance of reaching each student based on their individual learning style and needs.


Our Lower Primary General English courses align with Cambridge Young Learners Exam (CYLE) levels. Booster Movers, Movers 1, and Movers 2 cater to students aged 6-8 years, while Flyers 1 and Flyers 2 cater to students aged 8-10 years. The courses utilize a range of internationally published course books and teaching resources and all teachers are trained to plan active and engaging lessons that meet the individual learning needs of the students in their classes.

Our Winners courses cater to upper primary students aged 11-13 years and consist of four levels - elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper intermediate - and offers content that is both active and engaging for young learners at this specific stage in their development. In addition to a well-known international coursebook series, teachers utilize a range of web-based and technological teaching tools to ensure that students are continuously engaged by interesting and interactive lesson content.


Our Young Adult courses cater to teenage students aged 13-18 years old and span across five levels from elementary to advanced.  Like our Winners courses, all course materials are adapted and supplemented with content that seeks to maximize student engagement with their language learning. In other words, our teachers understand that the needs of teenagers can be quite different from those of other language learners. As such, they strive to meet these students with lessons that are fun, engaging, and focused on the specific interests of teenage learners.

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